Criterion-Referenced Instruction (CRI)

Criterion-Referenced Instruction (CRI) is an instructional design methodology based upon proven behavioral science principles about how people learn and what motivates them. Culminated into this workshop, it presents a hands-on, revolutionary learning experience that gives participants the skills they need to develop training programs that guarantee results.

The CRI Workshop is different from ordinary classroom instruction in that its self-paced format allows participants to progress at their own speed with as much practice as needed. Interaction with course instructors and other participants is extensive and participants receive individualized coaching, feedback and assistance from seasoned course instructors with years of experience consulting major corporations on workforce performance.

CRI Workshop Benefits

  • Guarantee Results – CRI makes sure each learner leaves with the skills required to do his or her job. Because training focuses on performance—not simply delivering content—learners are equipped to actually perform on the job.
  • Increase Value of Training – Because CRI is truly performance-based instruction, its results are measurable and immediately observable. With improved skill mastery, CRI training participants help their organization reach productivity goals.
  • Lower Training Costs – CRI enables learners to determine if training is the answer to performance problems and if so, how to choose the most cost-effective solutions. CRI also helps you identify when training is NOT the answer.
  • Motivate and Inspire Performers – CRI offers ample relevant practice and feedback within a supportive learning environment. Learners leave instruction with the hard skills, confidence, and motivation to do their job.
  • Make an Immediate Difference – One of the most significant advantages of the workshop is the fact that participants work on their own materials during class. This means that they’ll conduct analyses and produce procedural guides, objectives and skill checks for a course they are currently developing. Participants will walk away with actual work products that they can immediately use back on the job.
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion– Leave with the career-enhancing accomplishment of becoming a Certified Instructional Designer (CID).
  • Build Value – Once skilled in the CRI method, you will have joined the ranks of other professionals who have transitioned organizational training into a measurable competitive advantage.

What you will learn

Participants will learn the fundamental skills of performance technology, including how to analyze and solve performance problems, identify the best and most cost-effective performance intervention and how to make training results measurable.

The CRI Workshop consists of different skill “modules” that build upon each other, following a given course map. After practicing a module, participants are then asked to demonstrate that they comprehend the instruction in that module before they are able to proceed on.

Analysis, Design, and Communication

Criterion-Referenced Instruction (CRI) Course Map

Workshop Format Options

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